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About us

Over 35 years of experience

35 years and counting

ER&B is a printer in Bristol and has developed over 35 years into a trusted, nationwide service to our clients providing a personal service to achieve the best results for our customers. Our goal is to achieve 100% client satisfaction and our customer service experience goes beyond just satisfying our customers. 

Print logistics

The key for us ERB Print is to go above and beyond just print. Our clients have come to refer to ERB Print as there in house ‘print & logistics’. 

They rely on us to support their in-house marketing, creative, comms, business development and logistics teams.

Printed brochures in Bristol

Expert team members

Since 1986 we have focused on making sure our services are always kept to the highest standards. With a combination of expert team members we have formed a successful company providing a friendly, approachable, flexible and open to communication with instant response and advice from people that care.   
Picture of Trevor Evans

Trevor Evans


With over 45 years in the print and digital industry and 36 years as MD of ERB, Trevor has seen it all and nothing seems to phase him.

James Poole of ER&B Print

James Poole


James has over 18 years experience in print and digital. He is responsible for the smooth running of the production department.

Picture of Lisa Way

Lisa Way


Lisa’s looks after the day to day running of ERB and has over 30 years experience within the print and digital industry. 

Image of tress


We pride ourselves on our eco ethics and strive to be a planet positive printer in everything we do. We continue to develop business and public understanding of the sustainable power of print.

We help demonstrate and educate our clients on the supply of sustainable materials that can deliver stunning results while ensuring sustainability.

In addition to recycling 100% of all paper waste we also supplying paper and pads to local nursery / school / education establishments.

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